We're a multicultural advertising agency rooted in Tampa, Florida with an uncanny ability to unravel the culture code. 
The new American landscape sees how the line separating multicultural and general markets continue to fuse, with millennials
overlapping on both ends. Recognizing certain cultural values allows us to create content-driven campaigns that not only
resonate within the community but establishes the lifelong relationships your brand needs.


George Zwierko

The founder of rumbo discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by multicultural advertising agencies. As well as, the benefits of understanding cultural nuances and the importance of building relationships with niche markets.

Together, there isn't anything we can't accomplish

Our partners come in different sizes, but one thing is for sure, the multicultural advertising campaigns we've created together speaks volumes. The magic happens when we help to identify the cultural triggers that enhance their brand's experience.


We've been on the ground floor of many great campaigns. Here are a few of our favorites. On screen, and off.